Property Management, Gestion Immobilier, Project Management.

BFIN (courtico) 

International Corporate Services: Businesses, Hotels, Office Blocks, Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Investments, Risk Analysis, Compliance, IFRS Financial reporting, Project Management, Salvage.

Property Services: Commercial Valuations, Property Management, Project and Compliance management. 


Mergers, acquisitions, corporate investments, risk analysis, compliance, financial reporting IFRS, corporate salvage.


    We the firm to commission for you Property Management.

     Our Management includes :

  • We take care of rental, legal, maintenance  and technical management.
  • We value your assets through detailed profitability audits and market analysis..
  • We accompany you at all stages of your real estate projects to best serve your interests
  • We take care of your property accounting, its management, procedures and processing and reporting.

 The company BFIN is specialized in the management

 of enterprise real estate. It offers a personalized and

 adapted service to owners of commercial premises.

 Holder of the pertaining regulatory professional cards

 with the pertaining guarantee and civil liability insurance.

Merging, Selling or buying a business is not that simple. We don’t just make introductions like everyone else and hope the deal goes through. We find the buyer, present the pertaining financial history with our reports, and future analysis according to their perception of the future and its potential within the market place and ensure their decision is based on sound facts that move the deal forward positively for everyone. 

Mergers acquisitions

Corporate, commercial property transactions, mergers, acquisitions, analysis and reporting to ensure decisions are based on the right information. Our confidentiality & discretion assures deals are closed successfully.


Making introductions is one thing backing up analysis and providing risk, compliance and reporting to assist in your decision is another. Our clients globally account for one success in producing results.

Property Accounting included with our management services.
Property management for :

Rentals, full services, projects, developments, special support with property management accounting included.



Invest in your future

Who is addressed to ?

Our range of services is aimed at business owners, private investors - owners, institutional investors or operators. We manage your business premises, warehouses, offices, shops ...

How do we intervene ?

We intervene within the framework of a management mandate in compliance with the countries law, civil code, brokers code and or Hoguet law that regulates real estate activities. More than just a mandate we strive to fulfill a moral contract with you.

What do we do ?

We take care of rental, legal and technical management. We value your assets through detailed profitability audits. We accompany you at all stages of your real estate projects to best serve your interests and take care of your property accounting.

If you're looking for a great area to expand you portfolio into, "property" investments deserves some serious consideration. contact us for opportunities.

Am i investing in the right business ?

Does business have any investment risk ?

How do i maximise my return with an property management expert ?

What should i look for in a commercial property an investor ?

How do i achieve maximum rental capacity ?

Financial IFRS reporting experts. Mergers, Acquisitions, Fusion, Businesses and commercial property for Sale, Investments, Analyst, Compliance, Risk, IFRS, IAS Reporting

​Financial Reporting IFRS - GAAP -IAS  Mergers, Acquisitions, Fusion, Investments : 
Businesses - Commercial- Real Estate.
Property Management, Gestion Immobilier.